Outreach and Prevention Programs
Self Defense Training

Women Resisting Violence - Workshops For Women and Girls
Given the information, support, and options, women have the ability to gain skills for protecting themselves. This workshop offers a safe, supportive learning environment that will help you identify your strengths. Women teaching women is an empowerment model demonstrating how one can continue to build confidence, assertiveness, determination, and physical, as well as emotional, strength. Effective techniques can be learned in one four-hour workshop. Fighting back is an option available to all women.

* Women of all races, cultures, lifestyles, sexual orientations, and economic situations welcomed.

Girls Assertiveness Training
This is a five-day workshop for young women to learn information and gain skills to optimize their safety. This workshop offers a safe, supportive learning environment which helps young women identify and increase their physical, as well as, emotional strength. It helps build confidence, awareness, assertiveness, and determination.

For more information, please contact RTS at (650) 652-0598.