High Schools

The Ending Cycles of Violence Program is our overarching, evidence-informed curriculum for high school aged youth consisting of one to ten sessions. By creating a safe space for educators and youth to delve deeper into exploring root causes of violence and violence prevention, students will come away with: a new understanding of establishing, asserting and respecting personal boundaries; the ability to critically analyze media stereotypes; perspectives on how cultural norms reinforce violence in our communities; and new tools to interrupt cycles of violence.

RTS is also available to support students and staff during screenings of films of documentaries regarding sexual violence and to facilitate discussion of the film afterward.

This has taught me to be more thoughtful and careful when dating.” 

"I learned to take care of people’s feelings. Sex has to be sober.

“Consent can change at any time. Whenever you want you can take back your ‘yes.’ ...I never knew that.”

Anonymous High School Students

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