Clinical Internships

Counselors and therapists who are sufficiently trained to support healing of trauma from sexual abuse as well as other traumas from violence are in short supply in the mental health field. The high incidence of sexual abuse and other trauma from violence or cruelty suggests that all mental health service providers will find survivors of trauma among their clients. We intend our internship to provide licensed track therapists with knowledge, skills and awareness that will greatly enhance their work with survivors of trauma, particularly “relationship trauma.”

The commencement of an internship with RTS must coincide with our California State Certified Sexual Assault Counselors (SAC).

Interns are expected to do crisis intervention as well as in-person individual and group counseling with survivors of sexual assault and other trauma as well as with their significant others.

Upon completion of the training, interns are expected to make a yearlong commitment of service during which they will perform duties that include:

  • One shift per week on our 24-hour crisis line for phone and in-person accompaniments
  • Maintain a weekly average of no more than 14 hours of individual, family and group counseling
  • Attend 2 hours per week Group Supervision with RTS-approved licensed therapists, as arranged through the intern program coordinator
  • Case management as needed
  • Appropriate paperwork
  • Weekly meetings with the Direct Services Specialist
  • Assist staff with administrative tasks for smooth agency functioning (e.g., answering phones, performing intakes, opening and closing office as well as other shared agency tasks as needed and time allows)


  • Post Graduate (M.A.) degree status from counseling, social work, or related field

If you are interested in the internship program or would like more information, please call RTS (650) 652-0598 or email