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Clinical Internships

Counselors and therapists who are sufficiently trained to support healing of trauma from sexual abuse as well as other traumas from violence are in short supply in the mental health field. The high incidence of sexual abuse and other trauma from violence or cruelty suggests that all mental health service providers will find survivors of trauma among their clients. We intend our internship to provide licensed track therapists with knowledge, skills and awareness that will greatly enhance their work with survivors of trauma, particularly “relationship trauma.”

Clinical Program Description:

After successfully completing the SAC training, positions will be offered based on agency needs. Once accepted, associates are expected to make a one-year service commitment of up to 16 paid hours (~10 client hours, plus client advocacy, case management, paperwork, etc.) per week. The position includes weekly supervision and monthly training (see below). Hours are paid at $20 per hour. Associates are not paid for supervision hours, training hours, and crisis line shifts.

As an associate, you will be expected to perform duties that include the following:

  • Work a minimum of two full days a week or equivalent (flexible schedule, between the hours of Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm), at our office in Burlingame and at community sites in San Mateo County, maintaining an average of 10 client hours per week of trauma-focused therapy (assessments, individual, groups, families, short-term, and long-term work).
  • Complete essential weekly and monthly documentation for all crisis line activities and counseling services.
  • Attend 2 hours of weekly group supervision with the licensed supervisor at RTS (Tues.11am - 1pm or Tues. 3pm - 5pm), as well as trauma mentoring by other agency staff.
  • Participate in our monthly trauma-focused training program (e.g., for working with adults, children, adolescents or families), held the 2nd Monday per month from 5pm - 7pm.
  • Cover a six-hour or overnight shift per week on our 24-hour crisis line (which include phone calls and in person accompaniments to the San Mateo hospital, police stations, etc.) Hours worked during crisis line shifts are in addition to the 10 clients/16 hour commitment, and are not paid hours.

We expect associates to be comfortable with the agency’s philosophy, mission, policies and procedures including the following:

  • A counseling model that considers survivors as experts in their healing, capable of both retrieving, learning and maintaining skills for ongoing healing, emotional autonomy, and somatic resilience.
  • Commitment to developing enhanced cultural competencies.
  • Understanding of violence and cruelty in the context of institutional inequities in our society.
  • Demonstrable commitment to personal healing, including openness to collaborative feedback.
  • Commitment to serving male survivors.
  • Concerns regarding the overuse of psychotropic medications with trauma survivors.
  • Open to incorporating “triune brain” modalities for healing trauma (sensations, feelings, cognition).


  • Post-graduate therapist with a Master’s degree in counseling, clinical social work or related field (must be an Associate MFT, ASW, or PCC Associate). Do not apply if you are not eligible to provide therapy in the state of California -- you must be registered (or in the process of registering) with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as an associate therapist/counselor/social worker.
  • Minimum of 1 year commitment to agency.
  • Complete our 80-hour state-certified Sexual Assault Counselor (SAC) training successfully. These training hours may be counted towards licensure with the BBS.
  • Passion for crisis intervention and in-person individual and group counseling with survivors of sexual assault and other trauma, as well as with their significant others.
  • Bi-lingual, bi-cultural Spanish speaking preferred; not required.

If you are interested in applying to the clinical therapy program at RTS, please submit your resume with cover letter via email If you have questions or would like more information, please call RTS (650) 652-0598 or email.