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20 Years of History in the Movement Against Sexual Violence

Our celebration of Sexual Assault Awareness Month has recently drawn to a close. We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate survivors in our community and beyond; our agency is constantly amazed by their fearlessness, compassion, and hope. To complete this celebration, we are reviewing the last 20 years of history in our journey toward a world free from sexual violence. This is a crucial practice for us as activists because it allows us to recognize where we began and acknowledge how far we have to go. While the pandemic brought many new obstacles to our doorstep, we should not let these struggles overshadow the awesome strides we have made since the turn of the century.

Our first series of blog posts will delineate major successes in our fight and how these events impacted this movement and the survivors we serve. Follow along as we celebrate survivor-heroes such as Dr. Ford and Chanel Miller and pay tribute to those who have been lost in this multi-generational battle.