Emily Abrams
Executive Director

Amanda Yvon LeBlanc Freeman
Program Director

Rachael Venezia
LMFT #89898, Clinical Director & Trauma Therapist

Jaclyn Rubbo
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #82619, Counseling Program Coordinator & Trauma Therapist
Supervised by Alexis Stricker, LCSW #25598

Carmelita Limas
Volunteer Program Coordinator & Trauma Counselor

Cindy Marroquin
Director of Education & Community Outreach
Programa Para Latinos Trauma Counselor

Lorry Thomas
Public Support Coordinator & Trauma Counselor

Liz Gonzalez
Operations Coordinator & Trauma Counselor

Denise Angelica Berumen
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #95317, Bilingual Trauma Therapist
Supervised by Alexis Stricker, LCSW #25598

Kelson Pamarang
Youth Educator & Trauma Counselor

Emma Cohen 
Youth Educator & Trauma Counselor

Lupe Lopez
Programa Para Latinos & Trauma Counselor